DJ Alert

Dj Alert (MC SoundSystem,, Redbar)

Albert, an experienced disk jockey, is sincerely fond of music and what is most important feeling it. His sets are true revelation for dancing parties. His music makes people feel joy and sadness, happiness and love. It is not done by chance; every set is a work of art. Albert is sure that only music is his vocation and meaning of his life. That is why he neatly follows his vocation.
DJ Alert has vivid preferences to the styles: progressive house, electronica; to equipment: Technics, Vestax; to labels: Bedrock, Alternative route, Border Community. Since 1996 Alert tours all along Central Russia, gives performances in clubs of Moscow, St-Pete, Samara, Sochi, Yaroslavl and other cities. MusicFestival Kazantip, AzovFest, GesFest. Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey. Cheerful, kind, positive, talented… what else can be said about the person who was born on April 1 (1976).


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